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Project Description: Mist Interior Studio collaborated with De Hoven on this very exciting bio-based apartment building in The Netherlands. The aim of the development is to create a sustainable, fully circular and smart residential development for the residents of Helmond. 

The interior design of the Ruimhuis bloomed from the conceptual approach of opening up the interiors to the outside environment. 

It was important to create a beautiful connection between the natural environment and the livable interior spaces. 

Through careful spatial planning, the interiors open up to the beautiful balcony areas, enhancing the spatial experience for the user.   

Natural bio based materials were selected to enhance the approach to sustainability for the building. 


The interior design of the apartment focuses largely on the user, and their experience within the space. 

Warm, soft and natural spaces were designed to create comfortable living areas.   

Technology plays a large part in the design of the apartments, elements such as smart lighting, air cooling, temperate control and access were all included to create a well executed smart apartment. These apartments have been carefully designed to be a warm, natural livable home.

Location: Helmond, Netherlands

Project Status: In process

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